Liv Bambina


                                                                                          Who's Liv ?

                   L.A., California natives, Raquel Zeitounian & Natalie Hairabedian created their own handmade jewelry line, LIV BAMBINA, to represent their ideal stylish, free-spirited gal who lives her life to the absolute fullest. Her first name Liv represents "living" the life she chooses. Her last name Bambina is Italian for "baby girl",  also used as slang for pretty little thing. Her name speaks for herself; independent & beautiful. Liv's style is versatile depending on her mood and the weather. She usually always dresses comfortable and sexy. She doesn't feel sexy unless she is comfortable and doesn't feel comfortable unless she is distinctive. According to her, blending in is not an option & sexy doesn't necessarily mean hardly dressing. It means feeling confident in her personalized accessorized ensemble, created by her mood & energy. When Liv feels bold & powerful, like a boss, she dresses vibrant with color or flashy with lots of gold! When she wakes up feeling well-rested & naturally beautiful without much effort, she dresses simple and chic. She is minimal and edgy, when she's riding solo and deep in her thoughts; Wild and funky, when she's most excited & with her friends, headed to a music festival or the party of the year! 

                 Natalie and Raquel have incorporated all these different looks and moods into their choker designs. Why chokers? It is the perfect statement piece that is both trendy and timeless. They date all the way back to the 1700s and some of the styles, like the velvet ribbon style with a pendant, are popular til this day! They came back in the 90s, and are back again now, stronger than ever.  Both designers favor the accessory piece so much to the point where they wear them on a daily basis.

                 "They are centered & have the power to actually make an entire outfit. With just a thin simple black satin choker, I can create an effortlessly chic, sexy look."  - Natalie.

                "The layered look is also great because you can rock your own unique style. Two chokers put together can look like a completely different piece altogether. Kind of like stacking rings & bracelets!" - Raquel.